21 Day Challenge – Me vs Me Challenge

Healthy Habits create Healthy people!



Welcome to the latest 21 Day – Me vs Me Challenge – STARTS 7th September!


In this challenge, we really want to help you get the best results. We are results driven, and by education, support and inspiration, we will help you all the way through the 21 days to get the best possible result!


Join our live workouts every single morning at 10AM, or catch up up online where all of our workouts are on YouTube!


Please feel free to post, comment, like and ask questions in the group.


Of course I  will always be on hand to be able to help you, but there are also lot’s of other coaches and clients in this group that will be able to answer your questions as well!

Once you join, you will have access to the following in the Facebook Community Group:


INFORMATION PACK – please find an information pack in the files section📂🗂

Check out the pinned video!

Streamed via Zoom: Message for the link and to be added to our WhatsApp group!

Speak to your coach to learn about how to become a VIP Discount member

In this group, under the “albums” section, there are a number meal ideas, snack suggestions and more 🥜🍎

Speak to your coach to make sure you have the best program designed for you to reach your goals 🏹 🎯


Before you start the challenge, you need to submit your “before” photos (if you want to be eligible to win the challenge). We also recommend taking measurements rather than focusing on “weight” to measure progress, as this is a much better indicator of progress.
Focus on ‘Non-Scale Victories’ (NSV) How do you feel? More Energy? Less bloated? Fewer cravings? How do your clothes feel? 👗⚖️
Finally, GOOD luck with your challenge! It’s you VS you!
Follow the plan, stay consistent and the results will follow!

From your coaches 🙌🏼💙

Message me, or simply log onto your DietBud account to get your plan delivered straight to your door!







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