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Save money and purchase your monthly supply of your favourite 2 Herbalife shakes! 2 canisters equate to around 40 meals, which means you needn’t worry about 2 meals a day for almost an entire month!


  • Very low calories – only 220 per meal
  • 18g of protein, helping you feel full and burn fat faster
  • Packed with vitamins, minerals
  • Ready in seconds

Why choose DietBud?

Why choose dietbud herbalife products

I’m Ben, and i’m here to provide you with the products and help you through your Weight Loss journey; my job is to help you lose weight, feel good, and live a happy and healthy life. We have a dedicated closed Facebook Support Group which we would encourage you to join It’s a community of fellow like minded Herbalife product users, where you’ll find meal, snack ideas, inspiration and motivation to help you with your journey

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