Protein Chips / £16.49

10 Packs Per Box


Never Fried, always popped!


Snacking just got a whole lot easier with these delicious, smooth and tangy taste of either sour cream and onion or smoky barbecue chips  – a perfect alternative to crisps and other less healthy snacks.

Each packet contains 50% less fat than friend potato chips because we never fry them! We pop them with heat to give you a healthy alternative to some other, traditional high fat crisps.

Protein Chips are sold in a box of 10 individual packets (30g per pack)

Designed to be enjoyed as a healthy calorie-controlled snack throughout the day.



Key benefits


Sour Cream and Onion Flavour


12g Protein – Contains Pea Protein


Suitable for Vegetarians

Natural Flavourings

50% less fat than fried potato chips


Barbecue Flavour


11g Protein 

Contains Pea Protein


Suitable for Vegans

50% less fat than fried potato chip



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