The National Challenge

Healthy Habits create Healthy people!


The National Challenge – New Year Challenge – Starts 6th January


The National Challenge is a 28 day challenge designed to help you create daily habits to reach your health and wellness goals.

All based on creating healthy habits for long term results, the challenge caters for everyone. Whether you are just starting on your weight loss journey looking to lose weight or are focused on getting ‘shredded’ there is a category and support for you.

Once registered, you’ll be sent details via e-mail of how to register for the Facebook Group. This group is part of the National Challenge and is key to helping you gain the best results. You will be required to take a ‘Before’ photo of your front, side, and back, and once you have completed the challenge, you will need to send ‘After’ photos, of which will never be seen by anyone until the challenge is complete and you give permission for both pictures to be seen and voted on by a panel who will decide the winners!

With several categories & 3 prizes in each up for grabs, there is thousands of pounds to be won!

The prize fund for the challenge is determined by how many people enter the challenge so therefore we can only confirm the total prize fund for each challenge once registration has closed.

To take part in the challenge, you need to pay a £5 registration fee.

£4 of the registration fee goes into the prize fund and £1 is put towards the running costs of the challenge. The National Challenge is a not-for-profit challenge







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